Who is TRISCO?

  • CAR INSURANCETRISCO provides you with security and peace of mind from one of the leading and most trusted non-life insurance company in the Philippines.Enjoy our complete auto protection all year-round at a very affordable price.
  • MARINE INSURANCETRISCO provides an insurance against risks connected with navigation to which a ship, cargo, freight, profit or other insurable interest in a moveable property maybe exposed to, during a certain voyage, or a fixed period of time.
  • FIRE INSURANCEFor Home Protection, the largest investment that deserves a reliable insurance protection is your property. Insuring your most treasured assets to TRISCO provides you with SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND.
  • PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCEThe benefits include: Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Permanent Disablement, Medical & Surgical Expense, Unprovoked Murder & Assault, Weekly Indemnity, Burial Benefits and Travel.
  • BONDSTravellers Insurance & Surety Cororation provides requirements for the following: Bidders / Construction, Fidelity, Performance, Judicial / Civil, Surety, Heirs, Warehousing, Customs / Importation.

Travellers Insurance & Surety Corporation, also known as TRISCO, is a non-life insurance company that provides insurace protection to thier clients. With over 55 years of experience, TRISCO enjoys best of both worlds -wisdom and experience- and the youthful energy and zeal of its new set of owners and managers.

Specifically engaged in the business of fire, marine,bonds,casualty insurance,contractor's all risk, fidelity guarantee, commercial blanket bonds and floater policies, among others, TRISCO has been a stronghold and dominant player in the insurance industry over the years by its substantial roster of clientele and reinsurers both here and abroad.

Having the motto, "Reinforced Strength, Renewed Competency," TRISCO is more than just a motherhood statement, but is instead taken to heart as company walks towards future.

"TRISCO, Your key to stability. Your parnter in business."